These Podcasts were hosted by Natasha Short from Kimberley Jiyigas, recorded at Waringarri Media, and funded by Good Return.

Podcast Episodes

In this episode Natasha yarns with Dot West, a Noongar woman with mixed Kimberley heritage.

Dot played an important role in the early years of establishing Waringarri Media in the 1980’s and Indigenous media across the Kimberley and Australia-wide.

She joined Natasha in the Waringari Media studio in Kununurra during her visit to attend the big Revival Party on 20th October 2023.

In this epsiode Natasha yarns with Molly Hunt, who was born in Wyndham with mixed Balangarra and Yulgnu heritage.

She is a natural storyteller working as a journalist, producer, script writer and author, illustrator and mural artist.

After 10 years away, she recently returned to live in the East Kimberley to work on her own projects.

In this episode Natasha yarns with Cissy Gore-Birch, a Jaru/Kija woman with connections to Balanggarra, Nyikina and Bunuba country.

Born in Wyndham, she is now living in Kununurra on Miriwoong Country.

Cissy is Owner/Operation of Kimberley Cultural Connections Pty Ltd and Interim CEO of Balanggarra Aboriginal Corporation, among many things.

In this episode Natasha yarns with Kia Dowell, a Gija woman from Warmun Community (Turkey Creek) in the East Kimberley.

Her traditional Aboriginal name is Wadjbarreyal and my skin name is Nangala.

Kia has over 17 years of national and international business leadership experience and continues to work to strategically build models of cultural connection that lead to long-term transformation and positive impacts for Aboriginal people.

In this episode Natasha yarns with Carla Davey, a strong Bardi Jawi woman with connections to the Nyikina and Jabirr Jabirr people.

Carla is passionate about Aboriginal independence and empowerment.

In this episode yarns with Kathleen Cox who runs Goombaragin Eco Retreat on the Dampier Peninsula.

Kathleen is highly active in the local tourism industry and communities in and around the West Kimberley area.

She explains how setting up an eco-tourism business and an eco-friendly product goes together with caring for country, culture and family.

In this episode Natasha yarns with Nini Mills, a Yawuru, Bunaba, Karajarri woman born & raised in Broome.

Nini is CEO of Nyamba Buru Yawuru which owns Roebuck Plains Station.

In this episode Natasha yarns with Dalisa Pigram, a Yawuru-Bardi woman with mixed Malaysian and white heritage, typical of multicultural Broome.

She works in the arts and is passionate keeping Aboriginal languages and culture strong through the arts and education.

In this episode Natsha yarns with Sally Bin Demin, an 81 year old Kimberley legend.

Sally is still full of life and stories, and draws her Indigenous heritage from the Jaru people, mixed with the Asian influences of Broome, where she grew up.

She is the designer and creator of incredibly beautiful silk scarfs, which she sells, at the Broome markets on Saturdays.

You can read more about Sally’s life story in her memoir ‘Once in Broome’, which can be purchased at Magabala Books.

In this episode Natasha speaks with Sherena Bin Hitam from Broome in the West Kimberley.

Sherena is a strong Bardi, Jawi & Yawuru Aboriginal woman, who’s also proud of her Malaysian connection through her father.

She is mother, daughter, sister, artist and director of @nagulajarndu (a not-for-profit women’s art centre in Broome).

More Information: /04/creative-people-sherena-bin-hatim-nagula-jarndu-arts-centre

In this episode we hear from Dale-Maree Rollason, a strong indigenous woman who was born and raised in Broome WA. She is connected to mob in both East & West Kimberley and is extremely proud of her heritage, culture, and people.

Dale-Maree has worked in Aboriginal Education for many years and has used this as a valuable resource to remain inspired to continue her journey in Culture exploration and discovery.  She is now a successful business owner of Chaotic Craft.

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In this episode we hear from Mitch Torres, a Djugun, Djabirr, Gooniyandi, Walmajarri, Yawuru woman.

Mitch is a trained TV journalist, radio broadcast producer and presenter, tv presenter, filmmaker, writer, and businesswoman.

In this episode Natasha speaks with Yisah Bin Omar, a Djugun, Gija, Karrijarri and Nyikina woman from the West Kimberley.

While raising her family, Yisah obtained a Bachelor of Applied Science from Curtain University and is now completing her Masters Degree.

Yisah is a self-taught contemporary artist and the owner of Djugun Designs.

In this episode we hear from Monique Le Lievre, a Nyikina woman from West Kimberley.

Monique is a qualified teacher who worked in education for over 20 years. She’s also a holistic life coach and a singer songwriter known by her artist name of ⁠Stellar Moon⁠.

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In this episode Natasha speaks with Sammy Wyborn, from Djugun, Yawuru and Bardi Jawi Tribes in the West Kimberley.

Sammy is passionate about her culture and empowering her mobs. She’s also the proud owner of Sammy Wyborn Aboriginal Art & Cafe in Perth.

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In this episode Natasha speaks with Gabrielle Rahman, a contemporary artist & designer from Broome.

Gabrielle is a descendant of Djugun, JabirrJabirr, Yawuru, Nyulnyul First Nations peoples in the Kimberley, also with Torres Strait Islander descent. She’s the owner & founder of Buru.

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In this episode Natasha speaks with Jaala Ozies, who grew up in Broome and is now in Brisbane completing a Masters in Social Work.

Jaala values service and community empowerment, runs Kimberley Youth Mentoring, and started the Walyara Barbershop in Derby.

NOTE: Photo courtesy of Kimberley Birds Maganda Makers Business Club

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In this Episode Natasha speaks with rising bright star in Australian comedy, Steph Tisdell, who hails from Northern Australia.

She’s not from the Kimberley but she’s on her way to Kununurra for this year’s Ord Valley Muster – which is the biggest event on the East Kimberley calendar.

Steph is from Yidinji country near Cairns, and has been forging her own path to financial empowerment. We hope this conversation will help inspire many other Indigenous women.

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In this episode Natasha speaks with Wyndham born teacher and businesswoman Sally Martin.

Sally is a lifetime educator who’s ventured into cultural tourism with her husband Ben – who run ‘Kimberley Dreaming’ – an East Kimberley based four-wheel drive adventure tour company.

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In this second episode of Yarning Business we hear from Haylee Rivers, a proud Kija, Jaru, Bunuba, and Gooniyandi woman born and raised in the East Kimberley and hails from Halls Creek.

Haylee is an actress, a model, Maganda Makers content creator, and First Nations education presenter for the Sydney Museum – with a passion for storytelling and keeping the legacy of her culture alive.

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This first episode of Yarning Business features an indepth conversation with Katina Law, who was raised in Derby in the West Kimberley, from Worora and Walmajarri families.

Katina Law is a company Director and business consultant with extensive experience across mining and Indigenous businesses.

She has the distinction of being the first Indigenous person on the board of an ASX listed company, and this year was inducted into the WA women’s Fall of Fame.

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