Dorothy LeeTong (Rivers)

Heritage: Jaru, Gija and Guniyandi

Skin Name: Nyawana

Dorothy was born in Derby and grew up on Moola Bulla Station near Halls Creek until it was sold in 1955. The 1950s and 60s was a different time to be growing up as an Aboriginal person in Australia. There was no way of knowing or comparing peoples living standards or their treatment in general. Dorothy recalls how her father made an application to become an Australian citizen and received his ‘black book’ allowing him additional privileges including being able to be out after dark – this was before Aboriginal people were recognised as Australian citizens in the 1967 referendum. Despite the injustices, Dorothy recalls her youth with fondness and harbours no bitterness or regrets because through it all she saw that God was with Australian Aboriginal people (Psalms 23). Dorothy has children and grandchildren and lived in Wyndham for over 40 years.

Pauline Manning (James)

Heritage: Jaru

Skin Name: Nyawajarri 

Nyawajarri skin Pauline Manning is a descendant of the Jaru people of the Halls Creek area, born at Moola Bulla station,  but grew up in Fitzroy Crossing when Aboriginal people were relocated after the station closed in the mid 1950s. After school, Pauline undertook and completed training as an enrolled nurse and most of her working life has been in the area of health and all of it has been working closely  with people. It has been especially enjoyable and personally rewarding to get to meet and work with so many diverse people over the years. Today, Pauline lives in Kununurra and is semi retired. She has been married for 45 years and has 4 grown children and 9 grandchildren. Her hobbies include arts and crafts, gardening , reading, fishing trips, music and going for long drives in the car. Pauline’s strong Christian faith has given her the wonderful opportunity  to visit Israel, as well as West Timor for the launch of the Kriol/Creole Timorese bible. She has also visited Zambia as part of an Australian Aboriginal womens tour group of Africa. Pauline gains a lot of satisfaction of seeing Aboriginal people being empowered and being independent.

Annette Kogolo

Heritage: Walmajarri/Juwaliny

Skin Name: Nyapajarri

Nyapajarri skin Annette Kogolo is a Walmajarri/ Juwaliny woman from the West Kimberley. Her traditional name is Puruta-Wayawu . Annette was born at Go-go station, and is a child of one her father’s three wives, which was the custom of the day. Nyapajarri holds a number of senior roles including KLC cultural advisor, Chair of Kimberley Aboriginal Law and Culture Centre and is the Co-Chair of the Aboriginal Interpreting WA. As a NAATI Accredited Interpreter and Translator, Annette began obtaining qualification in this area during the early 1980s through Batchelor College in Darwin. She is passionate about language preservation. Annette has held numerous community leadership roles and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Aboriginal Community Development and Management  through Curtin University. Her favourite hobbies include, art, fishing, camping, hunting  travelling the World . She keeps active by mentoring and encouraging others to stay connected to culture and country.