Kimberley Jiyigas champions Indigenous women to start up, run and further develop their business. The services offered can be tailored to suit the stage of business that an individual is at; from compliance, business registration and insurance requirements through to business planning and marketing strategies.

Existing businesses can benefit from mentoring through shared resources, experience, and further development to improve, grow or expand their business. Indigenous women in business supporting and influencing one another is a winning combination.


The Maganda Makers Business Club (MMBC) is being developed through a collaboration of Kimberley Birds, Good Return and the Menzies Foundation.

The MMBC nurtures a community of Kimberley Indigenous Women (KIW) who lift one another higher, to gain strength, inspiration and skills to build wealth through business. The MMBC believes that wealth in the hands of a KIW has the power to drive transformation for herself, her household, her family and for her community.

The MMBC is an important Kimberley Indigenous and Women-specific resource of encouragement, dream-building and practical support which empowers Maganda Makers, enabling them to incubate and then scale beyond a nano/micro-business, in order to create wealth that is used for good.

Join the online community by downloading the Mighty Networks app and searching for Maganda Makers Business Club HERE.

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