Kimberley SHEros and not so Secret Womens Business Magazine

Maganda Makers April 2022

Enjoy this production from our recent Wiyi (Woman) in Business camp on Bunuba Country, West Kimberley.

Our mandate is to inspire, help establish and grow more female owned businesses throughout the Kimberley.

We thank all our partners and supporters who contributed to this successful event, especially the Aboriginal women who joined us to talk about the economic empowerment of women of our region.

Kimberley Jiyigas attended the Balanggarra Tourism Forum and Expo

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Healing power of music with Olive Knight – 21 April 2021 

Politics in Colour: Candid Conversations – Kimberley Women Making Political History – Tuesday 17 February 2021

Aboriginal Leaders and Women in Business Forum “Ngaringgas in Business,” August 2020, Jaru Country (Caroline Pool, just out of Halls Creek).