Kimberley Jiyigas champions Indigenous women to start up, run and further develop their business. The services offered can be tailored to suit the stage of business that an individual is at; from compliance, business registration and insurance requirements through to business planning and marketing strategies.

Existing businesses can benefit from mentoring through shared resources, experience, and further development to improve, grow or expand their business. Indigenous women in business supporting and influencing one another is a winning combination.


In February 2021, Maree Cutler-Naroba joined the team as Project Coordinator for Kimberley Jiyigas Projects and Program Manager for Maganda Makers (Maganda means ‘Tomorrow’ in Jaru). 

Maree is a multi-passionate Entrepreneur and has various business ventures that she puts her hand to. She has a comprehensive employment background in a variety of industries and she is a qualified secondary school teacher and admitted lawyer (currently non-practising). For over 15 years, Maree has run her own coaching, mentoring, and consulting businesses; she delights most in being able to champion women, especially those for whatever reason may find themselves in a marginalised and disadvantaged position. 

Maree believes starting and running a sustainable business is a vehicle that women can use to turn their dreams and ideas into reality, through activating their passions and gifts. Of equal delight to Maree is her drive to advocate for the protection of children from child abuse and neglect, which is why Maree is involved at a Board level on a couple of NGOs that have this same drive. Maree is from New Zealand and moved with her husband, Fijian-born Tevita Naroba, to Australia in 2010, currently, they reside in Kununurra, East Kimberley. 

Maree Cutler Naroba


M: 0488 077 034


Kimberley Indigenous women, have you ever thought about setting up a business, or want some help to grow the one you have got? 

Click HERE or on the image on the left to receive a complimentary Startup Guide containing a series of questions for you to begin your planning phase for your business.

This guide is supplied to Kimberley Jiyigas by Business Coach, Maree Cutler-Naroba, through her business SWIRL,

Maree is one of Kimberley Jiyigas preferred Business Coaching suppliers. Please note this guide is Copyright and should not be shared or copied or edited in any way, without the express written permission of the author.  


Maganda Makers is a two-year pilot project in partnership with Good Return and Menzies Foundation to create more female Kimberley Indigenous business owners. 


The Program is currently in development and Maree is seeking input from Kimberely Indigenous women as to what they would like in the Program. Please reach out via email or phone/SMS on 0488 077 034 to have a yarn

If you are interested in taking part in the Program, kicking off in July 2021 then please make contact to express your interest



Every month an inspiring Aboriginal woman in business from across Australia will share for 30 minutes, her top hints and tips on how she has started and developed her business. In the 20 minutes that follow attendees will have an opportunity to ask the guest speaker questions, and in the final 10 minutes it will be time for ACTION; where you will get to write down and share with the group the 3 actions you are going to take as a result of what you have learned on the masterclass. 

Look out for our first Masterclass and the online booking link – coming soon!

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