Women of the World Fundraiser Event

13 October 2018

Leadership Workshop

January 2019

Kununurra Women in Business

January 2019

Kununurra Women in Business

February 2019

Kununurra Women in Business

March 2019

Kununurra/Wyndham Women in Business

April 2019

Olive Knight

The healing power of music

Kia Dowell

Indigenous disadvantage

Natasha Short interviewing Priscilla Kelly, Founder Kelly’s Security Pty Ltd, at KWIB, January 2019

The launch of Kimberley Jiyigas

October 2018

Natasha Short interviewing Temail Howard, Founder Black Tapas at KWIB, March 2019


Natasha Short and I have worked on a number of events over the past 4 years. The most significant being the 2015 East Kimberley Aboriginal Achievement Awards (EKAAAs) hosted biennially by the Wunan Foundation.

Natasha demonstrated leadership in her role of Project Manager, delegating each team member a role to ensure all aspects of the event were adequately synchronised. Her ‘get it done’ approach ensuring the project progressed as planned, whilst being flexible and adaptable when required.  Natasha was also responsible for the inaugural Wunan Expo event, staff’s professional development and team building sessions and various conferences attended by local and travelling delegates.

Natasha possesses impressive strategic thinking and communication skills which serves her well in her ability to organise such events.

Kimberley Jiyigas (Birds) is a new business concept that will be instrumental in bringing events and conferences to the Kimberley Region. Natasha’s background lays the perfect foundation on her ability to plan and organise a variety of events with success.

Wendy Casey

Business Initiative Group

I have had the pleasure of working closely with Natasha Short in her capacity as an Event Manager, and her role as a key committee member co-ordinating high profile regional events.

Natashas enthusiasm and unflagging drive to deliver quality events on a regional level is inspiring. She has a rare gift for motivating others, and this, along with her strong networks and genuine commitment to community engagement, makes her an asset to the East Kimberley. She has an intuitive sense of process, is professional, highly organised, and pays meticulous attention to detail.

Natasha is a powerful and engaging public speaker – warm, confident and articulate. Most importantly, she is respectful of others and blessed with a lively sense of humour that makes her a joy to work with on any level.

I have full confidence in Natashas professionalism and ability to make a success of any project she undertakes.

Kris Currow

Former Event Manager – Ord Valley Muster | Former Event Manager - EKAAAs