Decluttering & Sorting Room Package


Need to get your house sorted or decluttered?  Moving house need help packing, unpacking and getting sorted?  Maybe there’s a room in your home that needs to be decluttered and re-sorted.  Adelaide Hills Home Sorted, offer a Sorting & Decluttering service based in the Adelaide Hills.  We can work with specific areas eg.pantry, home office, kitchen cupboards or the entire house.  Don’t feel overwhelmed, stressed, out of control, chaotic any longer.


Basic Standard Room Package suitable for a room, based on 4 hours $240
Premium Large Room Package suitable for a room, based on 8 hours $420

Extra hours at $50 per hour.  Bulk pricing also available.

*Both include sorting back into clients storage.  Recommendations on the best way to manage the storage in a room, including labeling storage containers, seals for packets, and container storage options.  I can customise the solution by working with the individual client on their preferences at extra cost.


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Shortening Jeans and Pant Hems per item, Skirts and dresses per item, Sleeves per sleeve, Hemming curtains per, Tapering of pants, General Mending of Clothing per item


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